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Guillaume Bastien

Guillaume BASTIEN is 42 years old, 3 kids & 20 years of experience in the road & civil works industry, mostly on running businesses position. He worked in many places in the world, starting in Africa, Indian Ocean & Europe, initially as project manager up to country manager.

With a strong entrepreneur background & feeling, Guillaume is currently in position of Sales & Business Management Manager for Colas Europe (10 countries, 1300M euros activity yearly). He has especially created a dense commercial network, and is contributing in the development of the customers and work segments portfolios of Colas in the area.

Guillaume has been recently creating within Colas SA (Group holding) the new branch of activity called Mobility by Colas, proposing mobility facilitating offers. The new born Business Unit is currently directly under the supervision of the General Management of the Group, showing the interest of Colas for this strong new trend of the transportation environment.

Nicolas Hautière

The road has always been able to adapt to the mobility needs. Today, the road must respond to the simultaneous challenges of ecological, energetic and digital transitions. It must therefore simultaneously support the rise of a more connected, cleaner and more autonomous mobility, while gradually digitizing its own businesses. It is the concept of the 5th generation road (R5G), a new generation of scalable, cooperative and positive environmentally infrastructure, able to offer low cost and forever open automated transport.

Arash Khojinian

Arash Khojinian heads up the Pavement Materials team for Highways England. He has more than 15 years’ experience in civil engineering both in the UK and internationally. He is responsible for the National Specifications and Standards for HE surfacing materials and manages several research projects for their Innovation and Asset Management Programme portfolio.

He is the Chair of the UK Pavement Liaison Group and has recently been elected as the chairman of CEN/TC227 (Road Materials). Arash is also near to completing his part time PhD in Management Strategy for Thin Surface Course Systems with the University of Nottingham.

Ralph Shirts

Ralph is ExxonMobil’s Asphalt Technology Section Head with 30 years’ experience in the asphalt business. He manages ExxonMobil asphalt technology, research and business support programs around the world with field staff and support labs in the Americas, European and Asia-Pacific regions.

He is a registered Professional Engineer with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering, B.S.C.E Suma cum Laude with Departmental Honors, graduating from Union College in Schenectady NY in 1979. He is a long time member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Ralph has been active at the Asphalt Institute and other industry organizations for over 25 years. He has served two terms as Chairman of the Asphalt Institute, first in 2009 and again in 2015. He spearheaded the formation of the Asphalt Institute Foundation in 2014 and served as the foundation’s first chairman from 2014 through 2017. As the Asphalt Institute Vice President of Global Affairs he has been a long time member of the Eurobitume – Asphalt Institute Joint Leadership group. Ralph represented the asphalt manufacturing industry as a member of the Bitumen Industry Health Forum management group which coordinated efforts related to the 2011 International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) review of bitumen and bitumen emissions. Ralph received the Asphalt Institute’s highest award the “Asphalt Institute Roll of Honor” in December 2017.

He is a native of the state of Montana and primarily grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho. He is a lifelong fly fisherman, an avid skier, loves to backpack in the wilderness and is a longtime volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America. Ralph is a passionate family man, married to Sandi. They have two children, Gordon (28) and Kristi (25).

Thomas Bayerl

After Thomas finished his studies in mathematics he became an Investment Manager for structured credit at LBBW. In 2006 he took the opportunity to move to London as an Senior Investment Manager in structured credit employed by HSH Nordbank.End of 2008 Thomas started as Senior Portfolio Manager for ABS and Credit at MEAG (the Asset Manager of Munich Re) in Munich. Since 2014 he run the Infrastructure Debt Team and focus on infrastructure investments across the globe.

Gergely Raccuja

Gergely Raccuja was born in Budapest, Hungary. He read Political Philosophy, Urban Planning and Italian at UCL, graduating in 2015 with First Class Honours. He started his career in Amey’s Transport Planning team in Birmingham. His proposal, entitled Miles Better won the 2017 Wolfson Economics Prize. Since then he joined Amey Consulting to practice the principles of data-led asset management for the improvement of the UK’s highway system.

Torsten R. Böger

Prof. Torsten R. Böger is managing director of the VIFG and responsible for the division Infrastructure Projects/Financing. He has studied economics at the Universities of Münster, Köln and Budapest. Prof. Böger has experiences in developing and financing infrastructure-projects about more than 15 years. After working as a financial expert for a German investment bank he managed the division of Infrastructure Finance in one of the largest companies for auditing and consulting services. Torsten R. Böger has regularly been giving lectures on the topic Public Private Partnership at the Technische Universität Braunschweig for many years.

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Tim Breemersch

Tim Breemersch holds a master in applied economics (business engineer) and environmental science, both from KU Leuven. Working as a researcher at Transport & Mobility Leuven for over 10 years, Tim has built up a broad knowledge of the European transport sector. Most of his work is policy oriented, from the regional to the European level. His main area of expertise is in long distance freight transport, and specifically its emissions and the economic and competitive position of the different transport modalities.

Bjarne Schmidt

35 years of experience with R&D work within the road sector. A broad international profile.
Mr Schmidt has been visiting scientist at the Australian Road Research and Nordic research staff International coordinator at the Strategic Highway Research Board, in Washington DC USA.
Chairman of PIARC TC on surface characteristics for 8 years.
Additional Program Executive Chair of the ERA-NET ROAD Asset Management program and for many years project manager of the rolling resistance work in Denmark.

Mats Wendel

Mats Wendel is a Certified European Professional Engineer, who has worked with Road Pavements for more than 25 years. He is active in a number of technical committees, within Sweden and internationally. He has been a workgroup leader in a World Road Association / PIARC committee, and is currently an active member of EAPA, European Asphalt Pavement Association. Earlier in his career, he worked for the Swedish Road Administration. Within the private company of Peab, he works as Innovation Advisor for the business area of Asphalt, Cement concrete and Gravel & Rock production.

Reinhold Rühl

Studied chemistry at Liebig-University Giessen, Ph.D. in 1981. By September 1989 until December 1994: Leader of the „Information System for Hazardous Substances for the Construction Industry (GISBAU) at the the Bau-Berufsgenossenschaft Frankfurt/Main.
Since January 1995 Specialist for hazardous substances, since 2008 Leader of the Department for hazardous substances of the BG BAU
By October 1998 until September 1999: Delegation to the Federal Ministry for work and social affairs, since this time REACH-Specialist.
In the Ausschuss für Gefahrstoffe (committee for hazardous substances) chairman of different working groups:
  • Substitutes for flooring adhesives and parquet seals with high content of solvents;
  • Substitutes for strippers containing dichloromethane;
  • Substitutes for cement with high content of chromium compounds;
  • Sensitizing substances in gloves (, Service);
  • Handling of Isocyanates.
Chairman of the German BITUMEN Forum (
Chairman of the INQA-Group on ‘Safe Handling with Epoxy-Resins’

Leopold Tzeuton

Léopold TZEUTON was graduated in 1987 from “Ecole Centrale de Paris (ECP)”, Management & Engineering school, and also holds an Advanced Master Degree (DEA) in industrial energy. French nationality - Born on November 26 - 1960, he is married with three children.
He joined Total in 1987 and was successively appointed to several positions in the Group, including:
  • Operations & Marketing Manager of Total Cameroun
  • Retail & Communication Manager of Total Refining & Marketing – Africa & Overseas
  • Managing Director of Total Niger
  • Managing Director of Total Uganda
  • Head of Purchasing Coordination Division - “Africa, Middle-East and Asia-Pacific”
  • Senior Advisor Corporate Social Responsibility “World-Bank Relations and Bio-Fuels Development”
  • Managing Director of TOTAL DR Congo
  • Senior Consultant in “Total Group in-house Consulting Entity”
  • Since January 2016, he was seconded by Total Group as the Managing Director of APTH whose core businesses are:
    • Security & Safety in all types of Transports, storage and handling of Dangerous Goods
    • Road safety.

David Giles

David Giles –spent 36 ½ years working for Shell in their Downstream business before joining Eurobitume as their UK General Manager in January this year. He started his career with Shell in their agrochemical research division before moving to Shell Bitumen in Scotland. He was then appointed UK Bitumen Business Development manager before moving to their global Lubricants business. He then returned to Shell’s bitumen business working on global bitumen business development projects.

Steven Van de Broeck

Steven Van de Broeck is Director HSSE & Responsible Care at the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic), leading Cefic’s work related to European Health, Safety, Security and Environmental policies & regulations. Beside he’s responsible for the chemical’s industry voluntary programme on HSE excellence. Before joining Cefic he gained a broad experience on environmental policy & chemical safety, first as a consultant and later on as a policy advisor for the Belgian chemical industry. Steven holds a MSc in chemical engineering and post graduates diploma’s on environmental & safety management.

Cosmin Patrascu

"PhD in Physical chemistry, working for the INRS, (French Occupational Safety and Health organization) since 2018. Senior consultant on chemical occupational hazard managed several projects for the road paving industry, laboratory safety equipment and metal cleaning or degreasing. Active member of different European or International standardization bodies: CEN TC332/WG4, ISO TC198/WG9 (laboratory equipment, road construction machinery safety)."

Rudi Bull-Wasser

Rudi Bull-Wasser was born in 1959 and studied civil engineering at Aachen Technical University. For now more than 30 years he is working for the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) starting with research on the first generation of porous asphalt. He went through various positions at BASt amongst others awarding research contracts. Since 2004 he is head of section “asphalt pavements” and deputy head of department “road construction”. He is active in the German Road Research Association and strongly involved in standardization on national and European Level in the field of road construction materials within DIN and CEN.

Seirgei Miller

Seirgei is a researcher in the Asphalt Paving Research and innovation (ASPARi) unit at the University of Twente in The Netherlands, where the focus is on moving the construction industry from implicit, experience-driven practices towards more method-based practices using new technologies, sensors and most importantly, explicit data. Dutch contractors want to reduce variability in the entire asphalt supply chain and in so doing, improve quality of the constructed asphalt layers. His research aims to transform the rather traditional, low-tech perceived asphalt construction process into an advanced manufacturing process. The research is carried out with the largest construction companies who collectively are responsible for more than 80% of the annual asphalt construction turnover.

Knut Johannsen

Dr. Knut Johannsen has worked as head of private laboratories for more than 10 years before he became department head for material testing at EUROVIA Services GmbH in Bottrop. He also acts as CEO of the laboratory company of EUROVIA Germany. Knut is member of the Executive Board of the German Asphalt Association (DAV) and chairman of the DAV Working Group „Asphalt Technology“.

Knut is also chairman of the EAPA Technical Committee and the German Asphalt Institute (DAI), the research association of the German asphalt producing industry. He is member of the Steering Committee for Asphalt Pavements and several other groups in the German Research Association (FGSV).

Katrina Sichel

Moderator, Wit and Word Communications

Katrina is a London-born, Brussels-based moderator with a degree in Modern Languages from Oxford University. A former TV producer, she put together news packages for the BBC, Sky News, Channel 4, AP and Reuters, interviewing well-known figures from the arts, fashion and political arenas. Since 2007, Katrina has been moderating events large and small covering diverse topics and policy areas, from R&I, social affairs, finance and digitisation, to agriculture, environment, energy, fisheries and health. Alongside, until 2017, she managed the development and roll-out across Europe of multimedia, multi-lingual communications campaigns targeting the public, and EU and national stakeholders from diverse sectors. Katrina speaks fluent French, rusty Russian and a dash of German.

Martins Zaumanis

Dr. Zaumanis is a researcher at EMPA with the focus on asphalt sustainability; currently exploring the potential recycle 100% asphalt. He has been awarded the International Road Federation award for best research in 2016 and is an author of 24 scientific publications; however, he feels that researchers must communicate their findings with the society more actively and therefore he has presented in a TEDx conference ( and often presents his studies in original videos.