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Overview: Session SIX
Session Theme: Communication & Education

Friday 15 June 2018 | 13.15 – 14.30

The aim of this session is to embrace the need for stronger communication and education activities to be involved in tomorrow’s World more effectively. This includes both promoting the use of asphalt but also to increase the attractiveness of the industry by new professionals.

There is a general concern across Europe that as an industry we are failing to attract the best candidates available. This will be the main question that will be addressed during this session.

Martins Zaumanis
Researcher at EMPA Materials Science and Technology, Switzerland

Katrina Sichel
Communication Consultant, Europe

Question: Why is it difficult to attract new recruits and how can we improve this?

Issues that will be discussed include:

Image of Roads in general


Understanding of the need for roads in society & economy


Image of Asphalt Industry as a rewarding career


Understanding of the engineering benefits of Asphalt

Key takeaway

Better understanding of why effective communication is important for the industry. Shared exercise and opportunity to discuss in a roundtable environment to hear input from other stakeholders reflecting on the same question.

Develop a more common alignment on ideas for improving the communication of industry’s topics both target audiences and methods. Highlight ways the industry could act on the output to improve the image and secure a future.