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Overview: Session FIVE
Session Theme: Technology

Friday 15 June 2018 | 10.30 – 12.00

Technology will play an essential role in the asphalt industry to meet the increasing demands in the future. In this session the focus will be on existing new technologies used on road building equipment, technical performance demands, future requirements, products, specification and innovation!

The future requirements for roads will include durability, sustainability and CO2 neutral. They will also have to meet the future requirements of automated and guided vehicles.

The session will identify some of the obstacles for implementing technology and debate how we could tackle these problems.

What Road Authorities Need in the Future
Rudi Bull-Wasser
Head of Section Asphalt Pavements
BASt, Federal Highway Research Institute, Germany

What Technology Can Offer
Seirgei Miller
Researcher in the Asphalt Paving Research and Innovation unit (ASPARi)
TU-Twente, the Netherlands

What Asphalt Sector Can Provide
Knut Johannsen
Head of MPA (Material Prüfungs Anstalt)
Eurovia Services GmbH, Germany

Issues that will be discussed include:

What technology can offer
A broad view of why the road construction sector needs to invest in new technology and why the asphalt industry needs to innovate. Also include an overview of specific new technologies that are available to be used tomorrow.


What road authorities need in the future
Including the future demands, requirements for technical performance and how specification can stimulate innovation.


What asphalt sector can provide
An asphalt industry view. What the asphalt industry could do to meet the future challenges and what kind of contracts will be needed to implement innovation and to stimulate the use new technologies, new products, etc.

Key takeaway

Better informed on the new developments that will have an impact in the future. Also on the many viable solutions and technologies that are already available. Confidence to encourage the use of these existing technologies and support the profile of the asphalt industry as an innovative sector.