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Overview: Session FOUR
Session Theme: Health & Safety best practices and future requirements our Industry

Friday 15 June 2018 | 08.30 – 10.00

Important that we continue to promote best practices across stakeholders to further improve the performance of the asphalt industry.

There is also a need to monitor future trends in health & safety regulations to identify new areas and challenges for the industry to work on together and be better prepared.


Issues that will be discussed include:

Best practices – focus on two industry initiatives


Use of Medical assessments for occupational health and safety monitoring


Use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for safe handling and delivery

Future trends and health considerations


European insight into future ambitions for H&S standards


Worker health related to emission limits


Example from Road Authority


What can the industry do in the future to limit exposures

Key takeaway

Insight into the health and safety best practices of the Asphalt industry and stakeholders in Europe. Recognise the key challenges but also the opportunities for the future. Highlight possible activities that the aphalt Industry and stakeholders can start to prepare (together) to be able to meet the challenges of the future in a timeline that is relevant.