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Overview: Session ONE
Session Theme: Tomorrow’s World… Tomorrow’s Roads… Tomorrow’s Asphalt!

Thursday 14 June 2018 | 11.00 – 12.30

The aim is to set the scene for the event and encourage the perspective of the long-term future in mind while focusing on the likely changes that will impact our industry. What will be the most important next steps that are needed to be taken by our industry now to secure a successful future.


Selected guest speakers will describe their views of future scenarios of the road infrastructure. Including options for better mobility and connectivity they will deliver their considered views with specific reference to how the future could impact on the Asphalt industry both as an opportunity and a challenge.

Issues that will be discussed include:

Global futuristic view of tomorrow’s World and infrastructure


Tomorrow’s Cars for tomorrow’s Roads


Tomorrow’s Asphalt and industry sharing output from strategic research symposium

Key takeaways

Participate in an informed discussion to form an understanding of how roads in the future may look like and the role they will play. Identify what new technologies are most likely to have an impact – importantly identify key areas that the asphalt industry needs to continue to develop further or currently missing some key dialogue with stakeholders to ensure they are prepared for the future.