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Nynas is a different kind of oil company

Our business is specialised oil applications – we use oil to create sustainable value.

At Nynas, we are continually developing bitumen and its functional performance in a wide variety of applications.

Our customers are seeking long-term, cost-effective solutions that are based on functional needs. These needs require bitumen products that meet varying end performance demands. In close cooperation with our customers we have aligned our products to meet these challenges. This is what we call Performance Programme.

As part of Performance Programme, we have developed ReSolution – a way of highlighting products that allow our customers to reduce temperature, reinforce durability and reuse material.

We also use our vast expertise to make your bitumen work safer. We do it by continuously developing our handling methods and transportation practices through a range of activities and initiatives.

Our 90-year focus on bitumen has earned us the reputation of being the “bitumen specialists”. Or as we say: We add knowledge to the mix!

To find out more, visit our stand and
With operations in more than 130 countries, Total is a leading international oil and gas company. Total is a worldwide marketer in bitumen and the leading marketer in Western Europe, bringing innovative solutions not only for the durability of the works but also considering the major societal and environmental stakes.

For the contact, the link to the company website is
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RN-Bitum LLC is a subsidiary of Rosneft. It was established in 2013 with the purpose of consolidation of all bitumen-related business activities. Rosneft Bitumen is a reliable producer of a broad range of modern and high quality products and solutions through the professional distributors network.
8 refineries with bitumen production capabilities are located in key demand areas in Russia. Rosneft Bitumen aims to provide road construction industry with innovative product grades and enhance the overall quality standards in Russia. Cooperation with the key customers and active R&D programs allow the Company to take the world-class bitumen solutions to the market. Rosneft Bitumen aims to provide road construction industry with innovative product grades and enhance the overall quality standards in Russia. Cooperation with the key customers and active R&D programs allow the Company to take the world-class bitumen solutions to the market. Alfabit – a unique R&D result – significantly improves pavement performance parameters, increases road’s operational lifetime and ensures the highest level of safety and comfort of the road end users.

In January 2018, Rosneft Deutschland, a Rosneft subsidiary,commenced marketing and sales of bitumen in Germany and neighboring countries, providing commercial volumes of pavement bitumen from PCK, Bayernoil and MiRO refineries. Rosneft Deutschland adapted the formulation of Alfabit bitumen product which successfully passed the tests in severe Russian climate conditions and demonstrated resistance to high loads.
Shell Bitumen is the world’s largest marketer of bitumen with over 1600 customers across 28 countries. We supply enough bitumen to resurface 450km of road every day; that’s enough to travel around the world four times in one year! Our products have paved some of the world’s most iconic infrastructure projects; airport runways, Formula One™ race tracks, landmark roads and tunnel/bridges.

  • Serving the bitumen industry since 1920
  • One lane kilometre of road is paved every four minutes using Shell bitumen
  • Leaders in innovation – Forty nine active patents linked to bitumen and asphalt, recognised as a leader in developing next-generation products for the road industry, bringing numerous firsts to market; coloured binders, low-temperature solutions and low-odour bitumen
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ExxonMobil, the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, uses technology and innovation to help meet the world’s growing energy needs. ExxonMobil manufactures and markets bitumen products throughout the world. For decades ExxonMobil has been a reliable supplier of quality products by maintaining high product integrity from crude selection to finished bitumen.

ExxonMobil owns a refinery network to serve as an attractive supply base around the world.

ExxonMobil’s sales and technical teams are a committed partner to grow your business. Visit the ExxonMobil booth to meet with your dedicated sales representative and learn more.
Kraton is the inventor of Styrenic Block Copolymer, and the global leader in pine-based bio-refining with over 80 years of experience.

Kraton polymers are used in a wide range of applications, including adhesives, coatings, consumer and personal care products, sealants and lubricants, and medical, packaging, automotive, paving, roofing and footwear products.

As the largest global provider of pine chemicals, Kraton’s pine-based specialty products are sold into adhesive, performance products and tire markets.

Kraton also produces and sells a broad range of performance chemicals into markets including fuel additives, oilfield chemicals, coatings, metalworking fluids and lubricants, inks, flavors and mining.
Puma Energy is a rapidly growing, integrated and global energy company with operations in more than 48 countries across five continents. At Puma Energy Bitumen we are going further to provide a range of quality bitumen products to service our customers’ needs. We also offer our customers an unrivalled supply chain: From our world-class terminals to our fleet of vessels, trucks and containers we leverage our superior logistics to help us source, store and transport our product to customers around the world safely, swiftly, reliably and at a competitive price.

To find out more please visit our stand or our website
ORLEN Asfalt Česká republika is a member of the ORLEN Asfalt Capital Group and leading provider of bitumen for road applications in Czech Republic. The company currently offers bitumens from 4 different locations:
- Pardubice(Czech Republic) – paving grade bitumens, polymer modified bitumens, oxidised bitumens, industrial bitumens
- Litvinov (Czech Republic) – paving grade bitumens
- Plock (Poland) – paving grade bitumens, polymer modified bitumens, highly-modified bitumens
- Trzebinia (Poland) – paving grade bitumens, polymer modified bitumens, highly-modified bitumens
20 years of Sasobit® - Always in the mix!
We have an anniversary to celebrate! Since 1997 Sasobit has been successfully used in asphalt road construction and last year finally received official recommendations (E KvB) from the German Road and Transportation Research Association (FGSV) – a milestone! In addition to this, we have expanded the family to include Sasobit REDUX, allowing us to offer a compacting additive which does not have the same impact on binder characteristics as other products.

Visit us at our stand and share your personal Sasobit experiences with us. You can be sure of a warm welcome. The stand is located directly outside the lecture rooms!

We look forward to seeing you!
The traditional company with headquarter in Austria is a well-known producer of road binders since 1928.

As a reliable partner for road authorities and construction companies, Vialit achieves an important contribution to the economic maintenance of the approximately 200.000 km of Austrian road network.

Intensive research and development activities and a high quality-oriented company philosophy led to international expansion.

With the innovations “RapsAsphalt” and “REaktivAsphalt” Vialit sets the trend towards the use of renewable raw materials in bituminous binders.

Vialit sees itself as a technology-trendsetter. Innovation capacity and know-how that was built up over decades are a guarantee for success.